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April 2, 2022 @ 8:00 am - April 9, 2022 @ 5:00 pm




Solana πŸ”—
What do you think on the art?
Utilities and value to holders?
Long term bullish?
Starting mint price?

About MetaGnomes by The Collectiv

This is the first drop of 5 releases of Metagnomes. There will be 5 x 2000 drops in total, price is 0.88 SOL. Further release dates of the remaining 4 drops will be announced shortly.

What are the MetaGnomes?

Since the dawn of time, Gnomes have been tasked with mining and guarding sacred treasures hidden deep within the earths subterranean caves.

Metagnomes are going where no gnome has gone before. Wen moon? You’re not thinking big enough.

MetaGnomes are the crypto maxis of the gnome world. They are engineers, inventors, explorers and high risk takers.

These guys aren’t your Grandma’s garden gnome. They are a collection of 10,000 (total supply) crypto miners ready to venture off from the pack in search of crypto treasures and glory.

Rollout Phases:

Phase 0
Genesis Gnomes Launch
Website Launch
Donation to Staley Program, Inc.
First NFT Investments Made

Phase 1

Airdropped MetaGnomes to all Genesis Gnome holders
MetaGnomes Launch I: Max Supply of 2000
Royal Family Contest Begins
The first ASIC Miners are Activated & Turned Online

Phase 2

Collect 5 Mission Begins
Miner MetaGnomes begin to unlock & MetaGnome supply being burned
(Maximum Supply: 360 Miner MetaGnomes per 2000 MetaGnomes)
Staking of Miner MetaGnomes begins

Phase 3

MetaGnomes Launch II: MaxSupply of 2000
Collect 5 Mission Continues
More Miner MetaGnomes unlocked & staked
Additional ASIC Miners Activated & Turned Online

Phase 4

MetaGnomes Launch III: Max Supply of 2000
Collect 5 Mission Continues
Royal Family Contest Continues
More Miner MetaGnomes unlocked (Max Supply of 360)
Additional ASIC Miners Activated & Turned Online
Community votes for acquisition of GPU Mining Rigs & participation in other staking opportunities

Phase 5

MetaGnomes Launches IV & V in 2 final phases of 2000 each
Additional ASIC Miners/GPU Miners Purchased & Activated
Miner MetaGnomes total MAX SUPPLY is 1800
No more unlocks after that
MetaGnomes supply will be reduced to as little as 1000

Phase 6

Alpha Miner Group created for Miner MetaGnome holders to discuss strategy & builds, pool resources and have direct contact with several experienced miners

Miner MetaGnome holders will have the opportunity to tour our mining operations

Competitive pool rates established for miners wanting to link to our network, including discounted pool fees for at home miners through NFT ownership

MetaGnomes continue to become an even more exclusive collection as they are traded in to unlock Miner MetaGnomes- just as always, they’ll be ranked based on rarity of their properties.

Phase 7

Empowering Community Members & Aiding Projects From Within The Community
Expanding Mining Operations & Fully Diversified Investments

Phase ∞

Providing Safe & Reliable NFT-Launch Related Services
Maintaining an exclusive Alpha Mining Community
Increasing Passive Income Streams with our community
Funding Small Businesses & NFT Projects
Revenue Share & Governance for Alpha Community Members