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April 3, 2022 @ 8:00 am - April 10, 2022 @ 5:00 pm


Magic Eden 🔗


Solana 🔗
What do you think on the art?
Utilities and value to holders?
Long term bullish?
Starting mint price?

About Infomo Doctors

Building a community to connect members on the NFT space and minting to help HQ 3D Artists.

We are building a community to connect members on the NFT space and launching cheap mints to help HQ 3D Artists.STARFIGHTERZ is our first mint, 500 Space Killer helmets in the Solana outer space. Only 0.05 SOL.

Join our Discord Community and learn about NFT opportunities and the metaverse news.

Win rewards on our daily competitions and have fun with the rest of the community.Chat in our daily conversations on different topics and learn together.Access alpha information and other servers to know what are the best NFT mints every day.Connect with other creators, developers and share your knowledge with the community.Join our tutorials and above all… Have fun with us!

We will have a different cheap mint every Friday, and members of the community will have a chance to join 1 of the 7 legendary items of each weekly collection by fulfilling missions and winning competitions.We will also announce every other free mint available in different Blockchains so that you can’t join all these safe plays.

We are here to help you with every aspect related to the NFT and metaverse world.

From developing a Candy machine to creating a wearable for Decentraland in Blender.

In our server, you will find experts in every tool and a ton of tutorials to learn more.Find other collab managers to improve your project’s reach.

Learn how to deploy Smart Contracts on different platforms.

Chat with other Devs on web development and NFT coding.

Meet top designers and hire the best artist for your project.

Hire moderators and community managers to skyrocket your marketing.

Chat with other project creators to learn about their success.

Join our FREE MINT launchpad to promote your work.

Find youtube creators that can improve your reach and add value.

We host 3 competitions in our server every day. From trivia to Gartic games to best meme competitions.

Create the best Meme and we will create a limited NFT collection where you will get royalty rewards.

Win our daily competition and get some Legendary NFTs of our next drops.