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March 31, 2022 @ 8:00 am - April 7, 2022 @ 5:00 pm


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About GARI Panda NFT – 250 Million Video Views Daily

If you’re in the US, you might not have heard of Chingari, the TikTok competitor with over 110m users. While it’s mostly known for sharing revenue with creators and its huge adoption in India, where TikTok was banned in 2020, the company’s use of Solana is the first of its kind. Since rolling out their token $GARI (listed on FTX, Kucoin & Huboi).
GARI is rolling out Solana-based NFTs to its entire user base, something that could be a game-changer in terms of mainstream adoption

of Solana NFTs.
Achievable Roadmap
The GARI Panda Roadmap consists of over 15 different benefits to holders. Personally, the most notable benefits:
Chingari Panda Club – “Invite-Only” parties featuring celebrities that collaborate with Chingari.
Panda Merch Store Revenue Share – 10% of all online & offline sales from Panda apparel will be redistributed back to holders.
Recognition to NFT Holders on Chingari App – Owners will have distinguishable features on the mobile app.
Chingari Exclusive Metaverse access
P2E Games for Panda NFT Holders
Fashion TV Exclusive NFT Collaboration

On top of their community NFT Collection, Chingari has also announced its exclusive NFT partnership with Fashion TV, the largest fashion and lifestyle channel. The collaboration collection will feature 100 NFTs featuring the GARI Panda. Consisting of exclusive benefits such as “invite-only” parties, fashion events, and exclusive access to the Panda NFT global community.

One of the most precious utility is the “Chingari Ads Club access”: Here’s Why Chingari Ads Club is poised to create immense value for GARI Panda #NFT HODLers With over 35 million monthly active users on the Chingari app advertisers are promoting their products.

In future, advertisers will have to own GARI Panda #NFTs to run ads on @Chingari_IN . Now, if you become an early holder, the valuation of your NFT will skyrocket due to many advertisers wanting to buy NFTs you hold. This means, brands & businesses who’d like to advertise on Chingari would need to buy a GARI Panda NFT – which would tremendously benefit the early buyers.